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Home Cleaning Service - Reliable Experienced Detailed Referenced

Our Family Owned Cleaning Prices start from only $60.

If you are ready for a spotless home, Our cleaning services come to you with an iron clad guarantee of 200% customer satisfaction, All Equipments and Cleaning Products. Your satisfaction is our prime achievement.

Our Speciality Services:


Mon to Sat from 9:30 am

What chore list we perform on each service?


[*]Vacuum rugs and carpets.
[*]Spot clean any sticky or dirty areas or any stains on hard floors and mop.
  • [*]Vacuum under Furniture in Family Room
  • [*]Vacumm all upholstery, and into the abyss of the couch.
  • [*]Spot Clean Sliding Glass Doors
  • [*]Remove Cobwebs
  • [*]Dust Windowsills and Baseboards
  • [*]Spot Clean Light Switches
  • [*]Tidy and put things away Rooms
  • [*]Dust All Furnishings and Decorative Items within Reach
  • [*]Dust Ceiling Fans within Reach
  • [*]Dust Window Blinds periodically
  • [*]Properly clean wood or laminated floors or porcelain tiles using
  • denature alcohol to dries quickly.
  • [*]Mop Floors
  • [*]Empty Rubbish Bins


[*]Clean and polish refrigerator exterior.
[*]Clean cupboards exterior.
[*]Clean storage drawers exterior
[*]Clean white appliances (microwave inside and exterior, clean and polish exterior dishwasher, clean and polish exterior of oven, clean and polish stovetop, range Hood)
[*]Remove counter-top appliances, wipe clean and dry well.
[*]Scrub Laundry Sink
[*]Clean all bench tops
[*]Clean and shine Sink and Taps
[*]Wipe Off Table and Chairs
[*]Dust Baseboards
[*]Vacuum and Mop Floor


[*]Clean & Shine Vanity
[*]Scrub showers and bathtubs.
[*]Clean & Sanities Toilet
[*]Shine Mirrors and Chrome
[*]Vacuum and Mop Floor
[*]Dust Light Fixtures within Reach
[*]Dust Baseboards
[*]Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors
[*]Spot Clean Walls (fortnightly service)

There are many other services Homeline Team Members can do for you. For example -
[*]Clean Inside of Microwave
[*]Organization and cleaning of interior cupboards
[*]Cleaning inside fridge
[*]Cleaning inside oven
[*]Cleaning Windows Inside
[*]Venetian Blind cleaning (Aluminium, Vintex, Timber, Timber look) Wet Wipedown

Please do not hesitate to ask if there is a task you require and it has not been mentioned.

We cover all surrounding suburbs of the Gold Coast

How much does a home cleaning service cost
Cleaning Pricing: 
All equipments and Child/pet Friendly Cleaning products included: **Note: Please Round Half baths Up

1 room 1 bath  $60.
1 room 2 bath  $65.
2 rooms 1 bath $70.
2 rooms 2 bath $75.

3 rooms 1bath  $75.
3 rooms 2 bath  $95.
3 rooms 3 bath  $100.
4 rooms 2 bath $105.
5 rooms 2 bath $110.
5 rooms 3 bath $120.
5 rooms 4 bath $130.
6 rooms 3 bath $150.

Popular Extra services:

There are many other services homeline Team members can do for you. For Example-

Clean Inside of Microwave $6.99

Organization and cleaning of interior cupboards from $29.99

Cleaning inside fridge from $24.99

Cleaning inside oven from $59.99

Cleaning Windows Inside from $7.99 per panel include tracks and screens.

Venetian Blind cleaning (Aluminium, Vintex, Timber, Timber look) Wet Wipedown from $5.99 per blind

Pest Control - licensed pest management technician from $54.99

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Spring cleaning is something that cannot be avoided however much you dread it. ADC Cleaning Services is happy to undertake all your spring cleaning requirements and we look forward to refreshing your home. You can always raise your expectations when you entrust us for a cleaning job, because we endeavour to provide a service that goes even beyond the highest expectations of our customers.


One of the most exhausting jobs in the world is cleaning windows. It may seem like an easy task as you see people just wiping the windows up and down. But, without using the proper solutions and techniques of cleaning, windows can look messy and may show streak. If you want to make your window shine, you can always hire ADC window cleaning services to help you.


Have you got an upcoming rental inspection? Rental house cleans can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you’re short on time or just not sure where to start. From the bathroom and bedrooms to the kitchen and garage, every nook and cranny of your home needs to be clean and presentable for your landlord or property manager. There’s no need to panic We make the inspection process fuss-free with our comprehensive professional rent clean.


We provide regular services for cleaning communal areas including corridors, stairs, kitchens, rest rooms, BBQ and Pool Areas, etc.

Commercial & Office Cleaning - How much does a OFFICE cleaning service cost?   Call Us from $60/service

From Small Administrative Offices to Large Industrial Warehouses and Everything in Between


Looking for Commercial Cleaners Brisbane and Gold Coast?

ADC Commercial Cleaning are proud to offer our full range of commercial cleaning services to a wide range of industries in Brisbane and Gold Coast.  In terms of cleaning companies, ADC Commercial Cleaning is one you definitely want to include on your list no matter what your cleaning requirements.

Why Choose ADC Commercial Cleaning?

From office/commercial cleaning, aged care/retirement cleaning, education cleaning, retail cleaning, medical cleaning, industrial cleaning, sports/leisure cleaning and hospitality cleaning. ADC Commercial Cleaning has the experience and the specialised skills to clean your premises efficiently and effectively.

But, for us, it goes way beyond cleaning. We see every job as an opportunity, as a privilege to be able to deliver healthy and hygienic solutions, in line with our commitment to provide our clients and their stakeholders with a clean environment. We believe it’s a basic right.

For you, a clean office, shop or medical centre might mean ticking a box on compliance and OH&S, increasing and maintaining productivity and morale of your staff, ensuring a professional image for your business and/or maximizing the lifecycle of capital or equipment. But for us, it’s really simple – we’re about working with our clients to find solutions to their problems.

We’re owned and we pride ourselves on running a business with fundamental family values at its heart. That means honesty, reliability and transparency at the fore of everything we do.

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